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Article: How to Care for Leather Jackets

mens black leather bomber jacket

How to Care for Leather Jackets

A leather jacket is an investment, and when cared for correctly, has the ability to be a timeless piece of clothing that is part of your wardrobe for years to come. We’ve put together our top tips for caring for leather jackets in this guide to help you keep your new purchase as great as the day you bought it.  

Read on to find out about everything from storing your leather jacket, to cleaning and protecting. 

How to store your leather jacket

One of the key points of caring for your leather jacket is how to store it every day. After use, always hang your leather jacket up on a sturdy coat hanger which will help it to maintain its shape, don’t just throw it over a chair or hang it on a normal coat hook. A thick or padded hanger will help the shoulders to keep their shape. 

Where you store your leather jacket is also important. Ensure there is no damp or direct sunlight, as this can cause discolouration to the jacket over time. 

How to clean your leather jacket

Leather jackets can be delicate and it’s important to take extra care when cleaning them. They cannot be put in the tumble dryer and shouldn’t be completely immersed in water. If in doubt, find a specialist cleaner to take your jacket to, not just a standard dry-clean. But if you want to clean your leather jacket at home, follow these steps:

  1. Using a soft sponge and warm soapy water, wipe any signs of dirt, especially around collars and cuffs. 
  2. Once the dirt is removed, take a dry cloth to remove any excess water off the jacket. 
  3. Hang the jacket to dry completely. 

For more details, read our full guide on how to clean men’s leather jackets

Products to care for your leather jacket

We recommend using certain products on your leather jacket to keep it in its best possible condition. We would apply these regularly, such as every time you clean your jacket. 

  1. Waterproof spray. Ensure you use a waterproof spray designed specifically for leather, this will help protect the jacket from liquid spills and weather conditions. 
  2. Leather waxes and sprays. Using waxes and sprays that are designed specifically for your type of leather jacket can help to buff and enhance the appearance of the leather, making it appear as new as the day you bought it. Always follow manufacturer guidelines when using these products. 

If you have any questions on how to care for a CAMOKAZI leather jacket, please contact us today. 

Useful information

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