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Article: Tips for Buying a Leather Jacket

mens black leather bomber jacket

Tips for Buying a Leather Jacket

Whether you’re buying a leather jacket to add to your extensive collection or looking to buy your first leather jacket, we’ve complied a list of our top tips to help you through the process. 

From style to fit, we’ve got everything you need to consider below in this handy guide. Or, browse our men’s leather jackets for sale and get started with choosing the right fit for you. 


The leather used for jackets is all treated and died, meaning leather jackets are available in a whole range of colours depending on your preference and style.

Selecting the right colour for you can be a difficult decision, but consider when you’re likely to wear the jacket. If you plan to wear it every day a simple colour such as brown or black, depending on your wardrobe, is probably best. But if you’re getting a leather jacket for occasional use, a bolder colour such as burgundy or red could be a great choice. 

Here at CAMOKAZI, we have leather jackets available in black, brown, grey, green, maroon, tan, navy and burgundy


Leather jackets come in a range of styles which each have their own fit. It’s important to consider the fit you desire, e.g. slim fit or oversized, and also the style, such as casual, smart, etc. We’ve listed the main types of leather jackets below:

Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets were first created for the US Army and are popular for their simple fit, providing warmth without bulk. These jackets feature a straight zip and fitted collar, cuffs and bottom.

View all men’s leather bomber jackets online. 

Racer jackets

Leather racer jackets have a sophisticated look with a button close collar, straight zip and seamless slim fit. These jackets can be worn with a smart trouser for business meetings, or paired with jeans and white t-shirt for a more casual look.

View all men’s leather racer jackets online. 

Aviator flight jackets

Initially manufactured to keep pilots warm in the cockpit during WW1, aviator flight jackets feature a fur collar and thick padding, perfect for use in colder weather conditions.

View all men’s leather aviator flight jackets online. 

Biker jackets

Inspired by the original biker jackets for Harley Davidson, these jackets have a flattering slim fit and eye-catching off-centre zip.

View men’s leather biker jackets online.

Varsity jackets

Varsity jackets are inspired by the classic American baseball jackets, and feature leather arms combined with a wool blend body.

View all men’s leather varsity jackets online. 


Choosing the right size when purchasing a leather jacket can be difficult. Consider if you’re likely to wear a t-shirt, jumper or hoody under the jacket and try them on with clothing of similar thickness. If you’re buying a leather jacket online, they should have a size guide online. Find CAMOKAZI’s leather jacket size guide here


Different leather jackets can have different thicknesses and be suitable for different seasons. The type of leather used, combined with the interior of the jacket can affect the warmth. 

For example, leather flight jackets traditionally have a thick fur collar and padded interior, making them the perfect choice for winter months. Whereas, a bomber jacket has a thinner feel, making it ideal as a light layer in spring. 

Type of leather

An important consideration when buying a leather jacket is the type of leather used. Typically, the higher-quality the leather the more expensive the jacket will be, however a quality leather jacket is likely to lasts for years. 

Different leathers will also have different qualities, we’ve listed the main types of leather below:

  • Cowhide and buffalo leather. This is typically the most common form of leather used for jackets and among the strongest types used. Cowhide and buffalo leather jackets are recommended for regular wear as they offer a lot of protection.
  • Lamb and sheep leather. This leather is soft and supple, giving it a lightweight and making it ideal for a thin jacket. 
  • Pig leather. This is among the cheapest leather used. Pig leather has a plastic feel and lower durability, meaning they don’t typically last as long as cowhide and sheep leathers. 

You can find more detail in our article on different types of leather for jackets

CAMOKAZI’s leather jackets

You can shop all men’s leather jackets for sale from CAMOKAZI online, or alternatively contact us if you want help choosing the perfect leather jacket for you or as a gift. 

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