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About Us

A British brand with an excellence in leather craftsmanship specialising outerwear, clothing and accessories of the finest quality.

History of Camokazi

With a  proud heritage of manufacturing regiment badges for the British army of the finest and most exquisite hand-embroidered detailing for over 30 years, Camokazi was originally founded on Danum- a small, highly successful family run business.

With growing popularity, Danum has retained its authenticity and originality that the brand identifies itself by, while broadening horizons and adapting to changing trends.

Danum began production of leather gloves, jackets and saddlebags which proved highly popular with those who had an appreciation of unmatched quality and tailored design, during a period where biking fashion was trending after which this trend was phased out and Danum re-emerged with a different outlook and an even more unique take during changing times.

A combination of Danum’s fields of expertise which included intricate detailing and manufacturing high-end leather goods and coveted luxury casual wear gave birth to a new brand, Camokazi.

Now featuring a new line of leather jackets, with a modern take on classic favourites of the past, Camokazi creates unique adaptations of current trends authentic to the brand, an infusion of streetwear, combat wear with a modern suave.

Camokazi is synonymous in producing real and accessible clothing and this is at the heart of its foundation. Labouring over design aspects in the finest detail, and attractively flattering body-conscious silhouettes, using both traditional and modern techniques creating sophisticated cuts and features.

Camokazi revives a culture of symbolic fashion with a patriotic-like reverence in taking an unadulterated approach to real aestheticism and authentic tailoring and design. The combination of combat-inspired clothing with highly sought after streetwear and leather craftsmanship that the brand identifies itself by is what makes Camokazi unpredictable and exciting.

The epitome of exceptional design and comfort, Camokazi is a blend of indispensable luxury and timelessness.