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Buying the perfect leather jacket is never easy and there are so many factors to consider!  If you are in search for the perfect mens leather jacket for yourself or even as a present, read why we believe CAMOKAZI™ should be your first choice.


Bespoke Production

To ensure maximum control over quality and design we custom make most of our raw materials. Most brands would purchase ready-made leather and hardware and have very little control over its quality as it's produced in large batches. Our leather is sourced and processed specifically to our requirements allowing us to control its preparation from the beginning stages to create the perfect finish.

Handcrafted Jackets

All our leather jackets are handcrafted with precision and quality in mind. Each jacket has gone through hours of preparation, cutting and stitching. Finally, we have a 3 step process where all jackets are reviewed multiple times to ensure its free of any errors or defects.

Customer Service Orientated

Customer satisfaction will always be paramount to our business.We have tried making our online store as smooth as possible with free UK shipping and returns, buy now pay later options and a variety of options for contacting our team. Any questions or issues we will aim to deal with in the quickest time possible. 

High End Value

We have modelled our business so we are able to offer high end value items at a reasonable price as have been able to remove middlemen costs in our production along with excessive branding and marketing costs. Rival brands offer jackets with similar quality of ours at much higher prices and some lower quality at similar prices. We ensure customers get the best product for the most reasonable price