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Article: Different Types of Leather Jackets

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Different Types of Leather Jackets

There are six different types of leather jackets for men at CAMOKAZI, each with its own unique styling and fit. No matter the occasion or time of year, you can find a leather jacket to suit. 

Bomber Jackets

The first and most popular type of leather jacket for men is the traditional bomber jacket. Bomber jackets were first seen in the US military in 1950 when something warm but less bulky was needed, these have been developed over the years but still retain the original styling and features 

All of our bomber jackets are slim-fit for a flattering style and also come with cuffed wrists and bottoms of the jacket, as well as a choice of collar finishes. These jackets are perfectly suited to the everyday style as well as a night on the town, making them a staple piece of any wardrobe that you can wear time and time again. 

Choose from brown, black, grey, maroon, burgundy, olive green and tan brown, as well as either cowhide leather or a seamless blend of cowhide leather and a wool body. 

Flight Jacket

Aviator flight jackets boast a traditional flight style with a durable finish. These jackets were originally designed and manufactured in 1917 by the US Army Aviation Clothing Board to keep pilots warm in the uninsulated cockpits, whilst also providing them with the movement they required. 

These types of leather jackets boast a fur trim collar making them more suited to the winter months. They also come with a quilted interior so are great for those facing colder temperatures but still wanting to look nice. Whether it be venturing out for a meal in winter or a jacket to wear to a work meeting, leather flight jackets are suited to all these occasions. 

Varsity Jackets

Unlike most of our leather jackets which derive from a military background, the varsity jacket takes its style from Harvard Univarity, right back in 1865. These were originally thick-knitted grey flannel, but have developed over the years to boast the popular American styling you’d now expect which makes them perfect for sporting matches and casual everyday looks alike. 

Varsity jackets sport a wool blend body combined with soft cowhide leather arms for both that traditional look and a comfortable feel. Each jacket also has poppers at the front for a secure fasten, as well internal quilted lining and inside zip pockets for your convenience. At CAMOKAZI you can choose from either black or maroon body and black arms in our varsity jackets. 

Biker Jackets

Inspired by leather flight jackets, the first biker jacket was designed in 1928 for Harley Davidson by designer Irving Schott. The flattering slim-fit and off-centre zip design has become a stable style to the biking community eversince. Many biker jackets have zip sleeves to provide more flexibility and ribbed detailing for both style and protection. These types of leather jackets are great for those joining bike meets to fit in with the crowd, as well as paired with jeans for a day out shopping or casual drinks. 

Biker jackets from CAMOKAZI are produced using cowhide leather and come in black. 

Racer Jackets

Racer jackets are similar to biker jackets and again have been a staple part of the biking community style for many years. However, you usually find these jackets have a hardier leather and zip for extra protection. 

Racer jackets have a sophisticated look, with a button close collar, straight zip and attractive slim fit finish. A racer jacket gives an air of sophistication and is great for business meetings and smart dress events alike. When paired with a plain white t-shirt and worn open, a racer jacket is a timeless piece that fits in with every season’s style. 

Leather Gilets

It’s a personal choice whether you count this as a type of leather jacket, but gilets are an essential part of any wardrobe. Not only does a leather gilet provide warmth to the body whilst not restricting movement, but it can also be styled and used for almost any occasion. Our men’s gilets have a padded body and a fur collar for a stylish finish and added warmth in the winter months. 

You can shop all the above types of leather jackets with CAMOKAZI. Each of our jackets is carefully handcrafted exclusively for us, so you won’t find them anywhere else. 

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