Benefits of Real Leather

Advantages of Real Leather vs. Synthetic Leather


A jacket for years’. Leather is a very durable material, which will last many years especially when compared to synthetic leathers which may rip or crack after sometime. Furthermore real leather has a high scar resistance than synthetic due to its tougher surface.

Manufacturers will usually treat the leather in ways to make them last even longer. Good quality leather jackets are usually higher in price, but will last many years and still look just as good.


Real leather is significantly stronger than many materials due to it tight fibres and resistance to abrasion. Furthermore can be fire resistant if treated for it and also partially waterproof.

Real leather especially cuts such as cowhide, buffalo and calf can withstand a lot of pressure when under tension and it is for this reason leather is commonly used for products such as belts, bags, sofas and chairs.

 Moisture expel with pores

Since leather is practically skin it works in the same way in terms of moisture management. Since the pores are tight at the surface of the leather it does not allow moisture to seep in. However the pores of the leather allow moisture to be breathe and travel the inside to the surface.

This is specifically good for bags and jackets as they can breathe when worn or left for long periods of time. Synthetic leather however lacks this feature, which can become very uncomfortable in mild/hot weather or could result in a build up of fungus forcing you to discard it.

 Better value for money

Lets say, we compare two jackets; Synthetic leather vs. Real leather, synthetic will usually be cheaper, therefore a better option, right? No wrong! The thing with real leather, weather it’s a jacket or a bag, is as mentioned earlier it will last years and years especially compared to synthetic leather which over time loses its shape, can rip easily, can crack or peel. Aside from the strength and durability, the thing that also makes leather so great is that it can be maintained and conditioned with easily available leather care products.

 Therefore in years to come you will either buy one leather bag or jacket that will last many more years, or you will be moving from bag to bag with alternatives thus making real leather better value for money.

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