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Article: How to Get the Right Fit for a Men’s Leather Jacket

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How to Get the Right Fit for a Men’s Leather Jacket

The men’s leather jacket has been a fashionable wardrobe staple for decades, worn by males worldwide. It shows no mark of ever going ‘out of style' and is a safe option when wanting to look cool, rebellious, or just plain hip. Over the years, however, the fit has slightly adapted now that a men's leather jacket is no longer solely worn for function but fashion. 

Because these style pieces are often an investment, it’s essential to get the perfect right, so it lasts through many wears and years. This guide describes how a men's jacket should fit and how you can size your chest, arms, and shoulders for a timeless style!

The size you should get depends on your body type and how you plan to wear the jacket. Generally speaking, if you’re looking for something thick that will keep you warm, you might be better suited to a sheepskin flying jacket, which will, of course, have a different, more bulky fit. 

Take note that we'll be looking at a more classic and sophisticated fit for the kinds of men’s leather jackets you can find.

How the Piece Should Fit

Many men assume they need to buy a leather jacket larger than their regular clothing size, but this can make the jacket appear too big and boxy. It's important to remember that leather will stretch a little over time, so if the jacket feels a bit snug, it's not a bad thing.

The jacket should fit snugly on your shoulders and chest, with the sleeves ending where your wrist bends. The bottom of the jacket should sit nicely where your belt loops are.

As a simple rule of thumb, your leather jacket should feel like a second skin.

Here’s another: The jacket should fit well enough that you can button or zip it up all the way, even if you don't plan on wearing it that way. Some men prefer a more tailored look with the jacket, but a more relaxed look is usually achieved by leaving it open.

Getting the Right Measurements

There are three primary considerations when getting the right fit for a men’s leather jacket:

  • Chest: To take your chest measurement, stand up straight and relax your arms. Wrap a measuring tape around the top part of your chest and take the size.
  • Shoulders: Your leather jacket should fit snugly but not be too tight or too baggy. Measure the width from the right shoulder's seam to the left shoulder's hem.

If you have someone helping you with taking measurements, have them measure from one shoulder to the other across your back.

  • Jacket length: To find the ideal size for your leather jacket, start the tape measure at the top of your shoulder and pull it down to the top of your thigh, around where your belt would sit. Measure there.
  • Sleeve length: When choosing a jacket, it is essential to ensure the sleeves are the correct length. To do this, start by bending your arm and putting your hand on your hip. Then, measure from the back of your neck down to your wrist.

Own This Fashion Piece from CAMOKAZI

Once you’ve taken your measurements, you can head to CAMOKAZI and purchase a men’s leather jacket from the UK! We carry premium quality, choice leather pieces that you can buy online. Subscribe to our newsletter for 10 percent off your first purchase and other exclusive deals!

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