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Article: Ways to Remove Unwanted Smells from Leather Jackets

leather jacket

Ways to Remove Unwanted Smells from Leather Jackets

A leather jacket is always a stylish addition to your wardrobe, making a statement everywhere you go. However, one problem that no one mentions is the noticeable odours that can develop with time, making wearing a leather jacket seem gamey and unpleasant to smell.

Here are a few methods for cleaning and freshening up your beloved leather jackets, restoring their fresh and clean scent.

Dealing With Smells on a Faux Leather Jacket

Faux leather has been referred to as pleather, imitation leather, and vegan leather, but the truth remains that it absorbs smells like any other leather-like material. The cause for the odour of imitation leather is straightforward and has to do with the ingredients employed in its production.

A polyurethane-based plastic is applied to the surface of a material, and it is occasionally stamped with a leather-like surface when it cures.

Polyurethane leather (also known as PU leather) absorbs scents like cigarette smoke and body odours and has a plastic-like stench. As this odour fades, other odours become more noticeable after a short period.

PU leather also easily absorbs odours from working in a kitchen, such as cooking oils, onions, and spices. You may try a few different methods to remove scents on this material.

Household Deodorizers

The simplest option is to use a Febreze spray bottle. This solution works wonders in eradicating unwanted odours from imitation leather in only a few hours and has a lovely, fresh aroma.

After that, you must wait until your imitation leather jacket is entirely dry and the stench has gone away. 

Kitchen Cleaning Products

A sprayer bottle filled with white distilled vinegar diluted 50/50 with water and a dash of lemon juice is a natural choice for a deep clean. White vinegar has an odour that will take some time to disperse, which is why lemon juice will assist in neutralising it.

This combination is sprayed on the outside first and then on the inside. You may also tidy up the surface by cleaning the outside of your jacket with a sponge.

The coat is turned inside out and sprayed with this solution, which is then allowed to soak in. Afterwards, turn the jacket inside out again and hang it to dry in a well-ventilated area. It may take a day or two for the vinegar smell to fade completely, but it will eliminate the foul odours inside imitation leather afterwards.

Don't use baking soda since it's dirty and doesn't perform as well as it claims to remove imitation leather odours.

Dealing With Smells on a Genuine Leather Jacket

Because genuine leather in luxury leather jackets consists of real animal skin, it is more likely than imitation leather to absorb odours from the environment. The simplest way may surprise you, but it is safe and destroys the microorganisms that commonly infect leather skins, resulting in strange and unpleasant odours.

Simply take the cheapest bottle of vodka you can find and pour it into a spray bottle. Now, combine your chosen perfume or smell with the vodka and mix well.

Then, spray the inside and outside of your jacket and any exposed leather surfaces. Vodka is a grain alcohol that absorbs swiftly through leather skins and even into liners. The alcohol destroys bacteria and odours buried deep inside the leather skin.

It won't take more than one night for your jacket to smell like new. Add a leather conditioner spray to rejuvenate the oils in these leather skin.


If you value the look and feel of a leather jacket and yearn for a fresh and clean scent, you are in luck. You can easily prepare a cleaning solution that will eliminate the odours and make the jacket look pristine again.

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