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Article: How to Style a Leather Jacket - Men

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How to Style a Leather Jacket - Men

Whether it’s a formal event or a casual weekend event, leather jackets can be adapted to suit every occasion. Deciding how to style a leather jacket can be a difficult task, but don’t worry we’ve put a list together of leather jacket outfits for men that you can pick from time and time again. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a bomber, flight, racer or biker jacket, we’ve got the outfit for you.

Formal Leather Jacket Outfits for Men

Leather jackets can be great for a more formal look meaning you can wear them to the office, formal events and to meetings. Pair a leather jacket with suit trousers or chinos, a shirt and tie and matching leather shoes for a sophisticated look. You could even add a jumper to this leather jacket outfit in the winter months.

If you don’t quite need a shirt and tie but still want to look smart, pair your leather jacket with a turtle neck jumper, pair of jeans and smart suit shoes to still maintain a sophisticated look.

Casual Leather Jacket Outfits

A leather jacket can be thrown over most outfits for a casual fit. One of the most casual fits for leather jackets is a brown or black leather jacket with a pair of jeans and a basic white t-shirt, this is a great look for the everyday style no matter where you’re heading.

Another basic yet ever-stylish look with a leather jacket is a pair of jeans with a plain black t-shirt and a black leather jacket. This is a sophisticated yet casual look and looks great on everyone no matter their age, for an even more stylish finish you can add a pair of black sunglasses.

In colder months, pair your leather jacket with a simple jumper for both practicality and style. Looks such as a green jumper matched with a black leather jacket has been a staple style for years and will return season after season.

Leather Biker Jacket Outfits

Leather biker jackets have an eye-catching design with lots going on, such as off-centre zips, zipped pockets, poppers and padded arms. Because of this bold styling, a calmer outfit choice underneath really allows the jacket to talk for itself. For a standout biker jacket outfit, pair the jacket with a pair of jeans and a plain turtle neck or t-shirt.

Leather Flight Jacket Outfits

As leather flight jackets were originally created to keep pilots warm in the cockpit they are padded and finished with a fur collar, making them great for the winter months. Style these jackets with a woolly jumper of sorts for both practicality and a tied in look, perfect for any chilly day. You can even throw in a scarf to compliment the collar and add in extra warmth when required.

leather flight jacket

Leather Bomber Jacket Outfits

Leather bomber jackets are potentially the most versatile men’s leather jackets when it comes to style. These jackets can be thrown on with most outfits in your wardrobe making it a must have piece. It’s easy to make a statement with a bomber jacket outfit by injecting some colour. Add a bright coloured t-shirt or jumper, such as an orange or burgundy with a pair of jeans, smart shoes and of course a bomber jacket for a statement outfit. Alternatively, opt for trainers, jeans and a white t-shirt with your bomber jacket for the perfect everyday look.

leather bomber jacket style

Leather Racer Jacket Outfits

A leather racer jacket is minimal in design and has a slim fit as these were first created for motorcyclist racing between cafes and pubs. Owing to this minimal design, a popular racer jacket outfit involves pairing the jacket with a casual shirt and a pair of jeans for a thrown-together look.

Browse all of the leather jackets at Camokazi and choose the type of jacket, jacket colour and outfit style perfect for you.

leather racer jacket style

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