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Article: Some Valuable Tips to Help You Clean Your Leather Jacket

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Some Valuable Tips to Help You Clean Your Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are one of a kind. While you may not be able to wear them all the time due to their finicky style, they are still as valuable as other fashionable sets that may be found in your wardrobe. For that very reason, it is your responsibility to take care of them so that you would be able to wear them without any hassle the next time around.

One of the ways you can do this is by thorough cleaning.

Below are just a few helpful tips for cleaning your leather jacket properly.

1. Examine Your Jacket

First, you have to examine your jacket regularly. This would give you the chance to see if there are any parts that need to be cleaned. If you do find out there are, simply follow the tips below. They will keep your leather jacket clean and looking as good as new.

2. Wipe It with a Damp Cloth

You may opt to use a damp cloth to wipe a lot of the grime and dirt that have accumulated on your jacket. Only use a damp cloth when cleaning the leather parts of your jacket. This way, the inner lining and cuffs of the jacket would be protected. 

3. Use a Leather Conditioner

You may also opt to use a conditioner when cleaning your jacket. It is also important to use a conditioner when your jacket is still wet to avoid any further damage. This way, you would be able to preserve the suppleness and quality of your jacket.

4. Be Sure to Have It Cleaned Professionally

If you are unsure of the parts of your jacket that need to be cleaned, be sure to have the one you spot-checked by a professional. This way, you would be able to clean your jacket properly and get your money’s worth out of this lifetime investment.

5. Make Sure to Store It Properly

Once you are done cleaning your leather jacket, be sure to store it properly. You can do so by keeping it in a box with a lot of soft materials. Also, make sure that you do not store your jacket in a place where there are other items that can easily scratch it.

6. Do Not Use Water on the Lining

Leather is porous, and water will penetrate it. Use a drying cloth to pat the lining dry instead of water. If you do use water, then you will need to condition it after it's dry to restore the leather.

7. Use a Grooming Kit

Another option is to use a grooming kit. Available at most department stores, these kits are simple to use. They come with a sponge, a duster and a small broom. You use the duster and the broom to dust the jacket; then, you use the sponge to apply a gentle cleaning solution and buff.

8. Shine the Leather

Use a product like Kiwi Paste Polish to buff the leather and bring out a shine. It will also provide some protection against the elements. The polish only takes a couple of minutes to apply, and you’ll be amazed at how much better your jacket looks after you’re finished.


These are just a few of the tips you can do in cleaning your leather jacket. You should keep in mind that no matter what your choice is in cleaning, you still need to be careful in doing so. This will give you more value out of your leather jacket. It will also ensure that you will keep on looking cool all throughout.

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