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Article: 5 Best Practices in Styling a Motorcycle Jacket For Men

wearing motorcycle jacket

5 Best Practices in Styling a Motorcycle Jacket For Men

Along with a plain white tee and an excellent pair of denim jeans, motorcycle jackets are also essential in men’s wardrobe. They are perfect pieces for casual and streetwear, adding a bit of spice to anything underneath. However, since motorcycle jackets can become too overpowering, styling them can become a hit or a miss. But how should men style motorcycle jackets? Here are some ideas.

1. Consider Colour Blocking

By nature, men fear loud and bright colours. However, as times changed, they become more open to wearing some of the colours deemed too much. Therefore, colour blocking while wearing a motorcycle jacket should make the styling more fun and exciting.

Pairing an olive green motorcycle jacket with an orange tee makes a bold statement. The tee brings out the playful side of the jacket, allowing it to become the main focus. The green and orange colours complement each other well, creating a stunning look. For the finishing touch, add a pair of black jeans.

2. Dress Up

Adding a dressy touch to a motorcycle jacket can completely change its appearance. Even though motorcycle jackets are casual garments, they can also work well with suits. A simple suit, such as a grey slim-fitting suit, can be paired with a white tee and a black motorcycle jacket for a more formal look.

Meanwhile, consider pairing it with a dark grey motorcycle jacket if you have a light grey suit. The pairing should create the illusion of depth, making it look like wearing shadows in the daytime. Overall, it should also provide contrast which is always an excellent styling technique for men's clothing.

3. Tap the Bohemian Aesthetic

Experimenting with a motorcycle jacket is not just limited to colour blocking. Men can also choose from different styles, such as boho, to create unique looks. Men can achieve a boho style by wearing a pink, dark blue and white striped motorcycle jacket with a black and white Art Deco tee.

A motorcycle jacket can enhance the boho vibe. For example, Men can pair a blue denim motorcycle jacket with a bright green silk tee. The pairing creates an excellent visual effect, allowing the coat to become the main focus. For a more laid-back look, add a pair of printed pants for a more casual vibe.

4. Corporate Motorcycle Look

Men can also wear their motorcycle jackets in the corporate world. For example, a charcoal grey blazer and a black motorcycle jacket can look simple and classy, making them excellent blazer alternatives when wearing a suit. Meanwhile, a navy blazer and a dark blue motorcycle jacket also work well together, especially in formal events.

When wearing corporate casual, pairing a beige or grey jacket with a pair of dark blue chinos creates a formal vibe. However, making them look more attractive can be done by wearing a matching tie and pocket square colour with your chinos, such as a dark blue tie and pocket square with navy blue chinos.

5. Aim For a Laid Back Look

Going for a laid-back look can be achieved by pairing a motorcycle jacket with a tee shirt and a pair of jeans. Men can combine the white tee with any colour of denim jeans, and it should not be too difficult to match with a motorcycle jacket. Overall, a plain white tee and a pair of jeans are a safe option, especially for those who do not want to take risks with their styling.


Since men's motorcycle jackets are versatile pieces of clothing, Men can pair them with many different outfits. Whether you want a boho vibe, a laid-back look or a corporate style, you can quickly achieve your desired look by choosing other pieces to wear. However, possibly the safest option is to go with a pair of plain jeans and a basic white tee.

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