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Article: Men, Listen Up! These Are Ways to Style an Aviator Jacket

aviator jacket

Men, Listen Up! These Are Ways to Style an Aviator Jacket

An aviator jacket is an excellent investment in your wardrobe as it is a timeless piece that will never really go out of style. Aviators are also an item you can either keep dressed down with some jeans and trainers to match or dress up nicely over a shirt and tie.

What is an Aviator Jacket?

An aviator jacket is essentially a loose-fitting jacket that looks to be part of a flight suit, which is why it is often called a ‘pilot jacket’ and is designed to be worn open. It has a collarless, or a very shallow, collar and often a zip as opposed to buttons.

It is normally made of heavy and thick material, typically leather, cotton or heavy twill, and is most commonly a camel brown colour. It is a casual item and can be worn with a shirt underneath or with a t-shirt. Indeed, it is a great investment piece to own.

There are many ways to style these jackets. Here are just tips on how to style your aviator jacket for men:

Black Pants, White Tee & Black Boots

Are you a fan of monochrome outfits? If so, then an aviator jacket will look amazing over a black pair of jeans, a white tee and black boots. Add some denim accessories like a belt, denim watch and a pair of aviator shades for the perfect outfit.

Sporty Look With Baseball Cap

If you’re a fan of sportswear, you’re going to love this look. The sporty style offers a clean look with just the right amount of edgy. It is a perfect choice for guys who like the street style look and looks best over a white tee, black trousers and black boots. To add a stylish edge, wear a baseball cap with it. You can also add a pair of aviator shades to finish off the look.

Bomber Jacket, Jeans & Shoes

A bomber jacket is a fashion-forward take on the classic aviator jacket. It looks great layered over a black leather biker jacket and tucked into some burgundy jeans. Add some cool black leather shoes to finish off the look like a real boss.

Black Chinos & Sneakers/Derbies

Another casual look for your aviator jacket would be to wear it over black chinos. Add a casual t-shirt, sneakers and some aviator shades to complete the outfit.

Bright Coloured Tee & Sporty Shorts

If you're looking for an easy outfit to throw on, the aviator jacket goes really well with some sporty shorts and a coloured tee.


For some retro vibes, go with a classic look like overalls over your aviator jacket. It's a great twist on the overall trend that was so big in the '00s. Finish off the look with some classic sneakers.

Invent Your Own Style

Now that you know the most stylish ways of wearing your aviator jacket, it's time to create your own stylish look. Even though the style of the coat is timeless, how you style the piece is what makes your outfit unique.

With a wide variety of colours, cuts and sizes to choose from, you can find the right aviator jacket for you regardless of your style and taste. 

Rock That Aviator Jacket

No matter if you want to dress down or dress up, an aviator jacket will get you through any season. It’s a great investment piece that will stand the test of time. Aviators look great on both men and are made in various colours and styles, making them really versatile pieces.

Time spice up your wardrobe! Get your aviator jackets in London here at Camokazi. We sell a wide range of luxury men’s leather jackets designed in the UK. Shop now. 

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