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Article: Look Out for These If You like Leather Jackets in the UK

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Look Out for These If You like Leather Jackets in the UK

Leather jackets make you look like a rebel without a cause or a slick individual who needs something warm for nippy weather. We’re trying to say that this jacket style is an aesthetic with function, so there’s a reason for you to get one. However, take note of these, and you’ll get the best one for yourself or your loved one if you like leather jackets.

Area of Origin

The leather's origin also plays a significant role in its quality. Therefore, you must find a reputable leather supplier to buy your hides from, and you can look for other indicators of leather quality. For example, you will want to ensure that the leather jacket (or similar product) is sourced from countries with a reputation for producing high-quality hides, such as Italy, France, England, and the US. According to strict environmental and work guidelines, a reputable supplier should also tan their products.

You should also do a little sleuthing to ensure that you work with a reputable supplier. Some companies try to take advantage of the “made in Italy” label by using fake tanning techniques on low-quality hides imported from another country. To avoid this pitfall, you should look for premium leather products—clothing that is made in Italy or other high-quality countries or manufacturers that use quality hides and tanning techniques. You can only trust the people behind your products to have outstanding skill and attention to detail throughout the bag making process.

Leather Used

Like quality leather products, the best leather jackets are full-grain leather. It is the highest-quality leather, which gets even more attractive with age and use. The finest leathers develop a beautiful sheen and patina through ageing. The top-quality leathers have no equal; other grades of leather simply do not age this well or look this nice. 

Avoid jackets made of "bonded" leather, constructed using leftover scraps of leather combined with low-quality plastic and chemical fillers. They do not age well and do not have that great leather smell. These jackets are substandard, and salespeople often try to pass them off as authentic leather products. Don’t fall for it; they are a poor value for money.

Tanning Process

There are two main types of tanning used to create leather jackets and similar products: chrome tanning and vegetable tanning.

Chrome tanned leather is prepared using chromium and other harsh chemicals. It is finished in a couple of days, so it tends to be cheaper than vegetable tanning. Chrome tanned leather accounts for about 90% of the leather market.

Vegetable-tanned leather is created using natural materials like tree bark and tends to be more eco-friendly than chrome tanned leather. The term “vegetable” refers to the raw materials used in the tanning process.

When cowhides are prepared, they go through a pre-tanning stage in which they are rehydrated with all the hair removed before being cut into two pieces called “sides.” Each side is put into large vats and filled with natural tannins for several weeks – days are not long enough for the processing needed for creating vegetable-tanned leather products. 

Because the process is longer, most vegetable tanned leather products tend to be thicker and stiffer than chrome tanned leather ones (but get softer eventually when the leather breaks in), so they work best for higher-end jackets and other uses requiring extra durability. Vegetable tannins also produce a classic leather smell, excellent patina and softness, and slightly varied colours (due to their light absorption).

Final Thoughts

Price is not always an accurate quality indicator; some brands charge more for less quality simply because of a name, and others are affordable. You’ll have to invest more for good quality. So bear in mind: you shouldn’t pay for a name brand premium, and instead, go for a premium product with competitive pricing. You want to get leather jackets in the UK with the critical quality indicators mentioned above.

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